Bachelors Degree Presentation by Christoph Sevcnikar

Its my final bachelors degree presentation layout, but im still working on my presentation model made of wood, which im going to post when its finished, hopefully in october.

the project is a concert hall for classic orchestra music in reichenau, austria. the main idea was a visible wood construction to build the ribbed slabs and bridges, who are connecting the different areas of the building.

and it looks much better on DIN A0.

1. Info sheet with concept idea and some technical explanation
2. groundfloor plan + elevation / section
3. 1st floor plan + elevation / section
4. 2nd floor plan + elevation / section
5. 3rd floor plan + elevation / section
6. facade cross-section and details

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Book for my exhibition “There is a Line”
Illustration and Photography exhibition by Sara Westermann
28 Sep – 30 Oct at 119 Lower Clapton, London
Cooked up by The Portuguese Conspiracy
This event is part of Clapton Festival

This book includes a series of photographs taken at the beautiful Serra da Freita landscapes in Portugal.
Limited edition of 20 numbered copies
32 Pages / 22,6 x 32 cm
Digital printing in Munken Pure, 90gsm
Book Cover in Munken Pure, 240gsm & Pop’Set grey, 240gsm

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Bussines Card
Sofi Azais

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